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News clippings could be catagolized into:

We collect all news The news reporting will be made by weekly.

1.  Company News
We collect all news concerning your company : e.g., company's executives, company's products and company's activities and commercial campaigns and promotions. You can scope the topics of company news as you desire in order to focus on the targeted news. We can classify company's news on the basis of activity types such as CSR activities, a launch of new product, new promotion introducing and so on;besides, we present you the acculated volume of news pieces along with PR value in each month.

2.  Competitors News
We collect all news concerning your competitors, in which the topics collected on your requirements.

3.  Industry News
We collect all news concerning your company's industry, regarding to governmental, private sector and local news. You can limit the topics of industry news as you desire.




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